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Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Lawyer Experienced in Medical Marijuana Cases

Colorado is unique regarding the dispensing of Medical Marijuana. The Colorado State Constitution and corresponding state statutes were enacted based upon certain amendments to the State’s Constitution and has in effect made Medical Marijuana legal within the State of Colorado. There are various ways a person can be involved with Medical Marijuana legally; whether operating a dispensary, being a caregiver or as a patient.

State Legalization of Marijuana Leaves Still Leaves You Open to Federal Prosecution For Marijuana Sales and Distribution

While operating a dispensary may be legal under the laws of the State of Colorado State, it remains illegal under existing federal law. These contradictions and inconsistencies between state and federal law make owning and operating a dispensary and/or an off-site optional grow facility in the State of Colorado a legal challenge.

Laws Governing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Colorado Are Complex

State law compliance in Colorado, with regard to the sale of Medical Marijuana does not constitute a legal defense in the event the federal government elects to bringing criminal charges based upon the unlawful sale or distribution of marijuana. Likewise, it does not provide a defense to the potential seizure of one’s real or personal property utilized in relation to the state authorized facility. It has been He’ experience, that the majority of the dispensaries that have been confronted by the federal authorities have not been in full compliance with Colorado State laws.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Should Consult an Attorney Experienced In State and Federal Laws

As a WARNING–If you own or operate a licensed Medical Marijuana dispensary or off-site licensed grow facility in Colorado, it is extremely important that you follow and adhere to all Colorado laws regarding that enterprise. However, it is imperative to understand and fully appreciate the fact that full State compliance is not a defense nor bar to a potential federal prosecution and/or seizure. He has represented numerous clients who have varying levels of involvement and participation in the newly established areas of Medical Marijuana.

Contacting a Medical Marijuana Attorney

If you own or are thinking of starting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado, you should consult a Denver medical marijuana attorney as soon as possible regarding your compliance with current and upcoming statues. Colorado drug defense attorney offers a complimentary phone consultation to Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and throughout the United States.