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Securities Fraud

Securities Fraud

Colorado Securities Fraud Lawyer Serving The United States

When defining securities fraud, it is important to first understand what actually constitutes securities under state and federal laws. There are common and well known examples of securities such as stocks or bonds. However, it is also possible to be accused of securities fraud in a situation where the party accused was unaware of the fact that what was being sold or promoted were in fact securities under the applicable laws.

United State Federal Securities Laws Are Complex – Find an Experienced Securities Fraud Attorney

The laws related to the sale or transfer and what constitutes securities are extremely complex and therefore, it is essential that a party under investigation or who has been charged with an offense of this nature hire an experienced attorney.

As a Denver federal criminal defense attorney, He has handled and tried cases related to allegations of:

and other potential securities violations in state and federal courts.

Possible Penalties and Jail Time For Being Convicted of Securities Fraud

If accused of securities fraud in many state and federal courts, a party may be facing potential sentences ranging well in excess of 20 years jail time, often without parole, and potentially subjected to massive fines. The government also may impose orders of restitution as contemplated within the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and corresponding federal and state statutes. Securities Fraud Defense Attorney He has significant experience in dealing with the complexity of these state and federal statutes. Call for a free consultation with Colorado white collar criminal defense attorney  if you are under investigation by the SEC or another Federal agency for or have been accused of securities fraud.