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Drug Crimes and Criminal Drug Defense in Colorado

Drug Crimes and Criminal Drug Defense in Colorado

Denver CO State and Federal Drug Defense Lawyer

Drug laws are very complex and interpreted differently in different jurisdictions. Denver drug crime defense attorney Attorney has over 40 years of experience handling a large variety of drug offenses in multiple state and federal jurisdictions.

Within the past 5 years there have been many complex changes in the laws involving the implementation of sentences in federal courts utilizing the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in conjunction with other statutory parameters, previously unavailable. Federal sentencing for drug crimes is unique unto itself and to some extent, even within the federal system, laws are often enforced differently between federal jurisdictions.

Understanding How Drug Charges Are Decided by Jurisdiction

While the statutory drug laws are the same from federal jurisdiction to federal jurisdiction, in application, different judges utilize different aspects of the drug laws in different ways. This dichotomy of applications in the federal sentencing laws opens the door for an Nationally Recognized and experienced drug defense attorney such as He, to utilize his expertise to his client’s benefit. While his Denver Drug Crime Defense Law Office is based in Denver Colorado, has worked with those accused of drug crimes such as intent to distribute and drug trafficking throughout the United States.

Denver Drug Charge Defense Attorney with Experience in 100’s of Drug Crime Cases

He has handled hundreds of federal drug cases throughout the United States and is uniquely qualified to interpret the Federal search and seizure and sentencing Laws applicable to these complex cases.

Attorney has defended clients charged with all levels of drug offenses in approximately 35 federal and state jurisdictions. Many of these cases included:

Determining Your Sentences for Drug Crimes in Colorado and Throughout the United States

Potential sentences for federal drug charges are generally dependent upon the specific drug, the drug quantity, the intended use or purpose of obtaining or selling the drug, presence or utilization of weapons in relation to the offense(s), defendant’s criminal history and defendant’s level of participation or role in the offense as well as numerous other factors. Federal Statutes related to these varying drug offenses may carry sentences that range from probation to life imprisonment. Numerous federal and state drug prosecutions are subject to the imposition of sentencing mandatory minimums.

Choosing a Drug Defense Attorney that can get you the Shortest Sentence or Probation

He brings a unique level of expertise in dealing with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory sentencing provisions that relate directly to sentencing. If you are facing state or federal drug charges in Colorado or anywhere in the United States, you need a drug charge attorney who will assertively and aggressively defend you.

He who has over 40 years of experience in the defense of drug and drug related offenses in both federal and state courts in Denver Colorado throughout the United States.