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Federal Criminal Defense in NYC

Federal Criminal Defense in NYC

In this guest blog post from NYC federal criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr., he discusses federal criminal defense in Manhattan and the surrounding areas.

Federal criminal defense cases and state cases are very different. The first reason is the laws are different. State laws can be very different from federal laws. Each state has a different set of laws and courts that handle matters like:

  • Divorce
  • Criminal matters
  • Welfare
  • Personal injuries and workers compensation
  • Real estate issues
  • Wills and inheritance

Federal laws on the other hand are rules that apply in every state. Some matters could have different consequences based on state and federal laws. For example someone could know the drug laws in New York but not know what would be considered a federal offense. This can be a major issue as the consequences for federal charges are much more severe. The stakes are much higher in these cases making it very important to hire the right attorney. Experience dealing with both state and federal cases is something everyone should consider when looking to hire an attorney. When the consequences get more severe often seeking a reduction is the best option. Knowing Federal Law is very important when trying to reduce the stakes for a client.

Federal Criminal Defense Process

In general federal cases go on a lot longer than state cases. In addition to a lengthy process there is usually a lot more legal argumentation involved. Since the stakes are much higher in these types of cases it is very important to know and understand the investigation processes used in the federal system. The investigation process in different law enforcement agencies it not always the same.

Each law enforcement agency works differently. The NYPD works differently than the FBI. A NYPD detective works differently than a DEA agent. Until an attorney has worked on a case involving the DEA or FBI they will not understand their investigative process by the government well. An attorney that has dealt with these agencies before will understand the processes involved and be able to more effectively exploit problems or weaknesses. Knowing how to effectively exploit these problems can be the difference between a lengthy sentence and possibly not being charged.