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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud frequently involves an omission, misstatement or oversight of a material fact related to a loan on real property. He has represented mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers and individuals involving loans in aggregate of over 100 million dollars charged with violations of this nature of offense in both state and federal courts in California, Colorado and elsewhere. In defense of these type of cases, He works closely with forensic accountants, economist and psychologist to assist in the mitigation of the offenses and development of defenses on behalf of his clients. On numerous occasions, He has been called in after a defendant has been convicted by plea or at trial, for the sole purposes of assisting the client in preparation of sentencing resulting in significantly mitigated sentences.

Penalties for Mortgage Fraud in Colorado and Throughout the United States

Penalties for mortgage fraud are largely driven by the amount of loss and the accused’s role in the offense in which he has been charged. There are numerous state and federal statutes related to offenses that may subject a defendant to sentences well in excess of 20 years imprisonment, as well as potential massive fines and payment of restitution related to the offenses charged. As a Denver mortgage fraud defense attorney, He has specific expertise in dealing with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and certain related statutory sentencing provisions which address the complexity of the sentencing enhancements and departures contained therein.

Have you been charged or are being investigated for mortgage fraud?

If you have been charged or are being investigated for mortgage fraud you need to have legal representation that has the experience and knowledge and is very familiar with the many complex laws that relate to the offense of mortgage fraud. Colorado white collar defense attorney Attorney is highly skilled at achieving the best possible result for his client and will provide you with a free initial consultation regarding your mortgage fraud case. He has handled many cases alleging various forms of fraud in state and federal courts throughout the United States, and works with many experts in the areas of forensic accounting, economics and other business disciplines in the defense of these types of cases.