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Denver Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Entire United States

Denver Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Entire United States

The most intimidating and often most serious of all criminal charges are usually brought in the United States Federal District Courts. The trial process in Federal Court in the United States and the procedures followed are strict, steadfast, and complex. Federal Court charges and procedures are often times daunting to Defendants and to attorneys that are not experienced in the Federal Court system.

You Need the Best Federal Criminal Defense Attorney to Prevent You From Going to Jail

Inexperienced attorneys may even cause more harm than good. To the vast majority of defendants and to inexperienced attorneys, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines as utilized in the federal system are all but incomprehensible.

Are you going to jail for your federal crimes?

If you are convicted in the federal system, in the vast majority of cases, probation is rare and incarceration most probable. In addition, the option of federal parole no longer exists.

Types of Federal Crimes

He handles a wide variety of federal crimes which including:

Denver federal criminal defense attorney Attorney has represented individual defendants and corporate defendants in all types of federal cases of which numerous have been covered by the local and national media.

With 40 years of experience at the state and federal level, Attorney can help you if you are being investigated or have been charged with a federal criminal offense. A complimentary consultation may mean the difference between your freedom and going to Federal Prison.

Taking on the Federal Government in Federal Court is Very Difficult

The United States government has unlimited resources at their disposal in their pursuit of criminal charges and often target people from all walks of life. Often, by the time a person is first contacted by a federal investigator, the government is a long way down the road in their pursuit of a criminal prosecution, and in certain circumstances has already taken significant steps towards presenting their case to a federal grand jury. Should a person even suspect they are under a federal investigation, it is imperative that they contact an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer IMMEDIATELY, and seek legal advice. Attorney offers a complimentary consultation to all of those either accused of or under investigation for federal crimes.

Denver Based Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Attorney Can Help You

Attorney has over 40 years of experience in defending those accused of crimes in the federal courts and in dealing with federal agencies, such as the DEA, SEC, ATF, FBI, ICE, FTC and others. If you have reason to believe you or one of your associates is the TARGET or subject of a federal investigation, allow Attorney’ experience to work for you.