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Heroin Possession Laws in Colorado

Heroin Possession Laws in Colorado

Charged with Heroin Possession in Denver?

Although the state of Colorado is known as one of the more ‘lenient’ states when it comes to drug use, there are still strict regulations and restrictions concerning possession, especially for that of heroin. Heroin is a schedule 1 drug because it has one of the highest risks for abuse and can result in severe physiological impairment. This illicit drug is dangerous, has a very high rate of overdose, and significantly alters normal biological function. Not only is heroin possession considered a state offense, but it is also against federal regulations. Regardless of the amount found, any possession of heroin at all will result in felony criminal charges.

According to the Colorado Code Sections 18-1.3-401 and 8.18-403.5 there are primarily two different charges associated with personal heroin possession, each one primarily dependent on the amount found. For example, if someone is arrested for carrying less than 4 grams of heroin, they are most likely to be charged with a Class 6 felony which can include up to two years of jail time and a fine of no more than $100,000. Possession over 4 grams is usually considered a Class 4 felony – a crime that can carry up to six years of incarceration along with a hefty penalty of up to $500,000. The extent of jail time as well as the exact fine heavily depends on individual circumstances as well as factors like whether or not the person is a repeat offender.

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These charges and consequences are based solely on heroin possession for personal use and do not indicate the charges associated with intent to distribute or trafficking. Heroin use is not only physically and psychologically destructive, but getting in trouble with both state and federal authorities will have lasting effects on your life. Felony heroin charges create a long-lasting, negative impact on your reputation and your future.

If you are charged with heroin possession in the state of Colorado, contact a Denver drug possession attorney as soon as possible. Attorney offers free initial consultations, both over the phone and in person. Contact him today at (720) 580-6788.