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Marijuana Dispensaries and Growers under Tax Audits from the IRS

Marijuana Dispensaries and Growers under Tax Audits from the IRS

Colorado, Washington State or California Marijuana Dispensary  or Growers are all operating under legal levels under their respective state laws but are still violating federal criminal drug laws. The Federal Government is said to not be actively going after dispensaries and growers in the states where marijuana is illegal.

Many dispensary owners do not understand that they can easily say things to the IRS that will results in significant jail time for them.  Do not fall victim to this.  Call Denver federal drug crime attorney Attorney for a complimentary consultation

Federal Tax Audits of Marijuana Dispensaries and Marijuana Growers in Colorado, Washington and California

Now the Internal Revenue Service is getting involved.  Marijuana Dispensaries are generally cash businesses. How a marijuana dispensary handles that cash is subject to the same laws as any other business. Still, many marijuana dispensaries in Washington, Colorado and California break those laws whether through ignorance or intentional diregard for laws about handling cash.  The IRS Audit discovery of the improper handling of cash can lead to the owners of marijuana dispensaries being charged with Federal Crimes such as money laundering. If you are marijuana dispensary in Colorado, California, or Washington State facing an IRS audit you need the best federal criminal defense attorney possible.  Call the Office of Attorney for a free consultation regarding the criminal implications of the audit of your dispensary.

Certified Public Accountants Are Not Subject To Confidentiality and Will Be Forced to Disclose Dispensary Information

Many business owners believe that their accountant is held to confidentiality like an attorney.  This is not true. If the IRS asks your CPA about any activity, they may be bound to tell the IRS about your marijuana dispensary.  Most CPA’s do not understand the criminal implications possible from an audit of a Marijuana Dispensary.  You should not expect them to as a business owner.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Experienced in IRS Audits of Marijuana Dispensaries

As a federal defense attorney with experience in all types of fraud crimes, Attorney has worked with both Marijuana Dispensary owners and Accountants.  If you are either, please feel free to call Attorney anytime to discuss your case.  The initial consultation is free and may save you money as well as years in jail.