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Methamphetamine Possession Laws in Colorado

Methamphetamine Possession Laws in Colorado

Charged with Possession of Meth in Denver?

Methamphetamine is a schedule 1 illicit substance that carries significant consequences for possession and/or use. Similar to most other schedule 1 drugs, any possession charges of meth are immediately considered a federal violation and therefore come with a felony charge.

Methamphetamine in the amount of 2 grams is the cutoff point between a Class 4 and a Class 6 felony. In other words, if someone is charged with possession of 1 gram of meth, they will be charged with a Class 6 felony which includes no more than 2 years of jail time and a fine of up to $100,000. However, if that same person was found to be carrying just less than 3 grams of meth, they would receive a Class 4 felony charge which can include an incarceration period 3 times that of a Class 6 felony charge. The fines associated with this charge are also significantly greater, but do not exceed $500,000.

In some cases, simply having the precursor chemicals for methamphetamine synthesis are enough to warrant possession charges. The same can be said about the accessories or equipment used to make or abuse it. This is usually in the case of repeat offenders with a history of meth possession.

In addition to the impediment on paperwork, methamphetamine use can have some pretty extensive physiological implications. Thankfully, the state of Colorado has implemented a variety of approved drug rehabilitation programs that might be suggested in place of jail time, especially for individuals with no prior meth possession charges.

Contact a Denver Drug Crime Attorney

A seasoned Denver drug crime attorney might be able to influence a court decision with reduced fines and minimized incarceration periods. For those that qualify, a lawyer might also be able to increase the defendant’s chances of qualifying for the rehab option rather than having to go to jail.

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