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Cocaine Possession Laws in Colorado

Cocaine Possession Laws in Colorado

Charged with Cocaine Possession in Denver?

Cocaine is a highly policed, schedule 1 drug that carries significant criminal charges for even petty possession, including in the state of Colorado. Similar to heroin, cocaine possession usually falls into one of two felony class categories, 4 or 6, depending on the total amount found at the time of arrest. Volumes greater than 4 grams are a Class 4 felony while smaller amounts (less than 4 grams) are typically given a Class 6 felony. Keep in mind that significantly larger volumes of cocaine may also be accompanied by an intent to distribute charge that comes with greater penalties.

Although the length of incarceration and associated fines for possession charges vary, most people that are found in possession of this drug are sentenced to at least one year of jail time and fines upwards of $500,000. Prior drug convictions and the circumstances surrounding the arrest will highly influence a judge’s decision in the court proceedings.

For many offenders, the best case scenario surrounding drug charges in Colorado includes the option to attend a drug rehab program in lieu of jail time. This alternative is usually offered to first time offenses and occasionally a second occurrence, but a Denver drug possession attorney who frequently works with drug charges offers an increased opportunity to qualify for this option. A professional lawyer can also help to minimize the fines associated with cocaine possession.

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Regardless of the detention or financial outcome, felony cocaine possession charges have a lasting impact on one’s reputation and criminal background. Drug possession can influence future employment, education opportunities, and tenant qualification, should you apply for a housing lease. A defense attorney can not only help you to navigate the unfamiliar waters of proceedings in Colorado drug courts, but can also help you plan and prepare for the future with these charges on your record.

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