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Taking Marijuana on an Airplane

Taking Marijuana on an Airplane

Marijuana Possession in an Airport

Colorado recently approved recreational use of marijuana under a plethora of different rules and regulations, and because this area has become such a haven for legal purchasing, transportation hubs, especially airports, have had to create their own standards for possession in order to prevent people from smuggling marijuana out of the state.

Most airports in the state of Colorado will allow possession within the public areas of the airport, however, passengers are not allowed to pass through federally controlled TSA with this substance. Marijuana users should keep in mind that airports are still considered a public arena, so it is technically unlawful to consume or smoke it openly. Marijuana is not allowed in checked bags or carry-ons under any circumstance.

Because visible use of marijuana is not allowed in public places, some airports have completely banned all possession of marijuana in any part of the facility. It is not illegal to consume marijuana before going to the airport or flying on a plane, but it is up to the discretion of the airport staff and flight crew to deny boarding due to excessive intoxication or impairment.

Charges associated with possession of marijuana within federally controlled areas (past TSA or on an airplane) are entirely subjective and dependent on a myriad of extenuating circumstances. Most of the time, the matter is passed on to state jurisdiction, and because marijuana possession is technically legal in Colorado, the maximum penalties may include a small fine or an incredibly short amount of jail time – at most. Usually, when people try to sneak marijuana through airport security, it will simply be confiscated to prevent transit out of the state.

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If someone is caught trying to take a large amount of marijuana on an airplane, federal agents may choose to pursue additional criminal charges. It is critical to hire a Denver drug crime attorney as soon as you are charged with possession of marijuana in an airport. Call Attorney Attorney today at (720) 580-6788.