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Intent to Distribute Cocaine in Colorado

Intent to Distribute Cocaine in Colorado

Charged with Cocaine Possession in Denver?

Having a drug possession charge on your record is tainting enough, but when officers deem the situation serious enough to tack on an intent to distribute charge, the penalties and related fines are much more significant. In the state of Colorado, as well as any other state in the country, cocaine is a schedule II drug that is only used in strictly controlled medical scenarios as a topical anesthetic.

Petty possession charges can range from Class 6 to Class 4 felonies, but intent to distribute charges are more serious with the range shifting from Class 5 to Class 3. The specific felony charge sentenced will depend on the total amount found as well as additional details like prior convictions and the nature of the arrest. Intent is often determined by pre-packaged units of cocaine, scales specifically designed for drug use, or large sums of cash which might indicate transactions have already occurred.

A Class 3 felony is the most severe punishment associated with cocaine possession and intent. A judge may issue incarceration up to 12 years and a fine of up to (but no more than) $750,000. Although a Class 5 felony for cocaine possession with the intent to distribute offers lesser fines and a shorter periods of detention, the punishment can still include up to 4 years in prison along with fees of at least $1,000, but no more than $100,000.

Contact a Denver Drug Crime Attorney

The state of Colorado has proactively established drug courts which offer first or second time offenders the option to enter a drug rehabilitation program that may take the place of issued jail time. If you are facing pending charges for cocaine possession with the intent to distribute, a Denver drug defense attorney may be able to influence a more favorable outcome in the court proceedings.

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