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Trafficking Cocaine in Colorado

Trafficking Cocaine in Colorado

Caught Trafficking Cocaine in Denver?

Possession of cocaine alone is a very serious crime, but the charges are more severe in the event of intent to distribute or trafficking. Specifically, cocaine trafficking charges are often the result of transactions that take place between a dealer and an undercover agent or a situation that has been under investigation for some time. Regardless of how trafficking is discovered, the criminal charges and penalties associated with this crime have very serious immediate and long term implications.

Trafficking of a schedule 1 substance in the state of Colorado usually warrants a Class 3 felony charge, however the specific outcome is variably dependent on additional details. Prior drug related convictions, involvement of a minor, trafficking near a school, as well as possession of excessive amounts tend to bring about the maximum sentencing in terms of jail time and fines. At most, a Class 3 felony will include no more than 12 years of detention and a fine of up to $750,000. However, these jail terms can be lengthened (doubled or tripled) in the event of multiple offenses.

With the implementation of specialized drug courts in Colorado, certain scenarios might mean that a defendant can serve some or even all of their sentenced jail time in an approved drug rehab facility. Usually, this alternative is reserved for the first or maybe even the second offense, but hiring a defense attorney usually increases the likelihood that a judge would approve this option. Additionally, a defense attorney can help to reduce the overall charges and possibly minimize cocaine trafficking fines.

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If you are facing drug charges that involve the trafficking of cocaine, the best thing you can do is to hire an experienced Denver criminal drug crime defense attorney – someone who has the knowledge and the authority to influence major decisions made in the courtroom.

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