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Intellectual Property Crime

Intellectual Property Crime

Defending Allegations Of Intellectual Property Theft

The stealing of Intellectual Property today is most commonly done by individuals using computers to hack into and steal ideas, information or other things of value. The US government has become more and more involved with this particular type of crime within the past few years, devoting entire divisions within the U.S. Attorney’s Office and The FBI to the enforcement of these offenses. If you have been accused of one of these crimes, you need to hire the best federal criminal defense possible  The penalty for these type of white collar offenses are largely driven by the value of what was stolen or intended to have been stolen as well as the sensitivity of the material taken or compromised.

Being Investigated for Intellectual Property Theft

While investigating an intellectual property crime many questions arise that involve or relate to the value of the loss and whether the accused had authorization to access the subject property. If you’ve been accused of stealing intellectual property, seek an experienced Intellectual Property Crime Defense Attorney to assist you and provide a defense on your behalf. Even if you are being investigated and have yet to be charged with the theft of Intellectual Property, Criminal Defense Attorney Attorney has ability to help protect your rights.

Colorado white collar defense attorney Attorney is experienced in all types of theft and fraud violations and has the ability to prepare a proper defense if charge are brought in state or federal court.  He offers a free consultation to clients throughout the United States accused of white collar crimes.