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Being Charged with Intent To Distribute in Colorado | Denver

Being Charged with Intent To Distribute in Colorado | Denver

Schedule 1 Drug Possession

When charged with possession with intent, typically you were caught with a “Schedule 1″ offense. Schedule 1 drugs include those that are the most dangerous and have a high risk of addiction or dependency and no legitimate medical use. Marijuana is considered a schedule 1 offense by the Federal Government.

Drugs that Are Schedule 1 Drugs

Other drugs considered a schedule 1 include:

If you have been caught with a schedule 1 drug the next thing the prosecution will take into consideration before settling on how to arraign you is determining the quantity that you were caught with and the situation surrounding your arrest.

Penalties in Colorado for Possession Drugs with Intent to Distribute

For possession with intent to distribute charges, the prosecution will most likely charge you with a Class 3, Class 4, or Class 5 felony depending on the circumstances.

Other drugs that carry federal charges if found in your possession include:

Being Caught With Scales, Baggies, Paraphernalia or Cash in Colorado

If you were caught with scales, baggies, other large amounts of paraphernalia or large amounts of cash, this could be used as evidence of intent to distribute. These are also indications to the prosecution that your intent was not for merely personal use and they will put you in a schedule 1 category.

Finding The Best Denver Attorney for Intent to Distribute or Distribution Drug Charges in Colorado

Whether you were caught with possession with intent to distribute, or are being charged with distribution, you should expect to be facing some significant consequences for these offenses. At the Law Office, we have defended numerous clients against many types of drug charges. Our Denver criminal defense attorneys know what a daunting task this can be and we know how to best defend you in court. The quicker you get the best legal counsel, the more choices you will have for your defense.

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