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Fraud and Illegal Monetary Transactions

Fraud and Illegal Monetary Transactions

National Fraud Defense Attorney

Fraud is a deliberate and dishonest deception made for personal gain or to harm another party or may be referred to as a “dressed-up theft offense.” Fraud is an illegal activity that is most often punishable by the imposition of significant fines, restitution, and/or incarceration. He has handled many cases involving varying levels of fraudulent offenses in both state and federal jurisdictions in Colorado and throughout the United States. He often times works with other professionals such as forensic accountants and economist in formulating defenses for his clients and in developing potential mitigation related to the offenses charged and to restitution and sentencing.

What Constitutes Fraud versus Making a Mistake

Attorney will evaluate from the inception of the case the allegations of criminal “intent” against his client, for purposes of assessing his client’s criminal exposure in order to ascertain the reasonableness of the fraud alleged by the victim and the government.

Fraudulent Investment Charges

It is not uncommon for individuals who has lost money through legitimate investments to seek retribution against the party with whom they invested, by asserting they were defrauded. Unfortunately, often time the government takes an unrealistic view of what is required in order to rightfully pursue a case against an entrepreneur who in fact has made full and accurate disclosures to his investors, but nevertheless lost the investors investment–requiring the innocent party entrepreneur to defend himself against multiple allegations of fraud. The government often times loses sight of the fact that the loss of an investment does not necessarily equate to the commission of a criminal act or constitute fraud.

Financial Fraud Defense Attorney

He has the experience knowledge and expertise in a multitude of business transactions and fully understands and does not lose sight of the fact that the prosecution is required to prove the existence of criminal intent as a prerequisite to proving fraud. Many times, a person can substantiate the fact that he lost money in an investment , however notwithstanding the loss, the allegations of fraud are often unsubstantiated. He works with a financial team of experts in support of his defense of his clients to negate the allegations of fraud and to otherwise mitigate the charges against his clients. Call the Office of Attorney today for a complimentary consultation regarding your white collar criminal defense case in Colorado.