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Drug Trafficking and Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug Trafficking and Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy Defense Attorney

To be found guilty of the sale, trafficking and distribution of drugs, you as a conspirator need not to have handled, purchased, used or have sold the drugs involved. Simply being a catalyst or a facilitator of a drug deal may be sufficient to charge and potentially convict you of a drug offense under state and federal laws. The penalty for drug trafficking can depend greatly on where the trafficking occurred, the quantity of drugs alleged to have been involved, your individual participation or knowledge and numerous other factors.

Stiffer Penalties and Longer Sentences for Bringing Drugs into Certain States

Some states have more severe penalties if the drugs were imported into the state, such as Illinois, than if the drugs were merely moved within the state. There is often a significant disparity between sentences in what would appear to be similar cases. Sentences on similar cases can be the difference between the imposition of a mandatory minimum sentence and probation.

Drug Defense Attorney Experienced In Transportation and Trafficking

He has defended numerous cases where he has been able to defend against the imposition of a mandatory sentence by disproving the transportation of the subject drugs within or into the state. If facing drug trafficking charges, it is important you IMMEDIATELY obtain an experienced and knowledgeable drug lawyer who knows all the nuances of the laws pertaining to laws related to drug distribution, sales and trafficking. He has handled all aspects of drug related cases in approximately 35 state and federal jurisdictions.

If you are accused of a drug crime in Colorado, the I-76 Corridor or anywhere in the United states, choosing the right attorney can change your life. It costs nothing to call Denver Drug Defense Attorney Attorney and the call may mean whether or not you go to jail for a drug crime.