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Trafficking Heroin in Colorado

Trafficking Heroin in Colorado

Caught with Heroin in Denver

Heroin is a schedule 1 drug that has a high rate of dependence and addiction. Additionally, it is associated with a slew of medical complications including psychological impairment, heart complications, and interference with normal neurological function. For those reasons, trafficking of heroin comes with severe criminal consequences regardless of where you live. Heroin possession, use and trafficking are prohibited in all states, through both local and federal jurisdictions.

Of all heroin possession charges, getting caught in the act of selling or trafficking this illicit substance in the state of Colorado has significant consequences: lengthy incarceration periods and significant fines are expected, but not always guaranteed, depending on the situation.

Extenuating circumstances play a huge role in the outcome of court proceedings, but ultimately, heroin trafficking charges usually come with jail time of anywhere between 2 and 24 years as well as fines up to (but usually no more than) $750,000. Additional details such as trafficking within a certain radius to an educational institution, selling to a minor, repeat offenses and the sheer amount of heroin in possession will further determine the extent of the final charges, but trafficking is usually considered a Class 3 felony and has a profoundly detrimental impact on your personal record. Repeat offenders of schedule 1 trafficking can sometimes be given a Class 2 felony charge.

Contact a Drug Crime Attorney in Denver

By hiring a professional Denver drug trafficking defense attorney that has experience with heroin trafficking charges, you are more likely to receive reduced sentencing or alternative options in place of extended jail time. Luckily for certain first (and occasionally second) time offenders, the state of Colorado offers optional drug treatment programs as an alternative to being locked up. Despite the fact that fines are still likely, the option to not only eliminate lengthy incarceration periods but also receive helpful rehabilitation treatment for this dangerous drug is a definite plus.

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