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Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensaries

The growing Colorado Medical Marijuana dispensary and patient service movement is still going through some challenges and obstacles but these are surely short term setbacks. The aspiration of making Colorado Medical Marijuana available to patients with safe, affordable medicine, free from worry of police intervention is coming to realization. The general view of Marijuana in the state of Colorado is becoming more liberal with each passing year. However, there are still marijuana arrests even though the offender is perfectly within the law. A dispenser could be lawfully growing marijuana within the legal quantity but then face criminal charges.

Denver Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado, Washington State and California

We specialize in helping our clients make sense of Colorado’s marijuana laws. If you are trying to understand the laws regarding medical marijuana so that you are able to work within the law either as a marijuana user or as a grower and/or marijuana dispenser, we can help. You are not alone. Colorado’s marijuana laws can be puzzling because they are sometimes conflicting and they are not reliably enforced with consistency among prosecutors and law enforcement officials. The laws tend to change very quickly, and the district attorneys are rarely sympathetic toward the new marijuana laws.

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Washington and California, the IRS has began tax audits of marijuana dispensaries. Please click the previous link or contact our Colorado criminal defense law office for a free consultation if you are investigation for or think you may fall victim to a tax audit.

Busted by State Government for violations Lack of Compliance (Criminal Case)

Federal Bust (Criminal Case)