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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Colorado Sexual Assault Attorney

Next to first-degree murder, no charge bears harsher penalties than a sexual assault charge. In Colorado, even a statutory rape charge with a consenting victim can result in a life sentence. Most people think of sexual assault as rape.

Definitions of Sexual Assault in Colorado

Sexual assault can include a number of offenses, as there are varying degrees of unlawful sexual conduct under state law. If you are convicted of any sexually related offense, whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor, in most instances you will be required to register as a sexual offender or predator which could include an individual who is convicted of a sexual offense via the Internet.

Prevent having to be a Registered Sexual Offender in Colorado and throughout the United States

Being registered as a sex offender in Colorado or anywhere in the United States is a very invasive and intrusive process which has the potential of following you for the rest of your life. It is imperative to hire an experienced Denver sexual assault defense lawyer IMMEDIATELY upon a realization that there is even the remote potential or possibility that you may be under investigation for ANY sexually related offense. It is also imperative that your counsel be experienced in this somewhat unique area of law and be prepared to put together a team to assist your counsel in his investigation of the allegations of any purported act of unlawful sexual conduct.

Violation of Probation for Sexual Offenses in Colorado

In Colorado, if you are a convicted sex offender you might be required to participate in a restricted form of probation that is unique to sexual offenses. This probation can prohibit you from being able to work where there are children or even being able to see your own children or grandchildren. If you violate this unique form of probation, you face the possibility of going to jail for an indeterminate sentence for the remainder of your life.

Colorado Sexual Assault Attorney Experienced in a Variety Of Sexual Offense Cases

Sexual assault cases are among most highly contested cases. Attorney is a state and federal criminal law attorney in Colorado that understands the shame and stigma attached with a sex crime conviction. It is very important to secure an attorney that has the skill and expertise in this particular field because if you go to trial and lose, you could be sentenced to jail for life. He also has the experience and expertise to put together a team to assist in the investigation of the allegations against you–he understands the unique characteristics of these type of offenses and can assist you.

A complimentary phone consultation with Attorney may be the call that prevents you from being a registered sex offender in Colorado and throughout the United States. Call him today at (720) 580-6788.