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Trafficking Methamphetamine in Colorado

Trafficking Methamphetamine in Colorado

Charged with Trafficking Meth in Denver

Getting busted in the midst of a transaction or selling methamphetamine to an undercover law enforcement officer is grounds for instant drug trafficking charges, regardless of which state the crime is conducted within. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive substance with significant neurological, psychological, and functional side effects, therefore the charges associated with trafficking this illicit drug are incredibly severe.

All across the nation, meth is considered to be a schedule 1 compound that is not intended for medicinal or recreational use under any circumstance. Meth possession falls under both state and federal regulations, so the final outcome of the charges will depend on many factors. Prior convictions, location of the arrest, and any involvement of minors will contribute to the ultimate sentencing decisions.

Most individuals without any prior drug possession charges are likely to be offered admittance to a drug rehabilitation facility in place of jail time. As opposed to a traditional jail setting, statistics have shown this to be a highly effective penalty that offers the defendant an opportunity to get themselves clean, while simultaneously serving their time. Sometimes second offenses are still considered for this alternative.

Repeat offenders however are at a greater risk for maximum jail time penalties, the largest fines possible, and even extended incarceration periods, especially if they have been sentenced to additional schedule 1 drug trafficking charges within the past decade.

Meth trafficking is typically considered a Class 3 felony, however the fines and detention periods can vary. Individuals might expect anywhere from 1-12 years of jail time (more for repeat offenders or significant amounts of meth found) as well as fines up to $750,000.

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