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Being Investigated for Federal Crimes by the FBI, DEA, SEC or other Federal Agencies

Being Investigated for Federal Crimes by the FBI, DEA, SEC or other Federal Agencies

Are you being investigated by the DEA, FBI, SEC or another Federal Agency?

Often times at the commencement of a federal investigation, a representative of the DEA, FBI, ICE, SEC, ATF, IRS, FTC or other investigative agency will come knocking on your door. This may be your first inkling that a federal investigation concerning your personal activity is afoot. This is the time in which you want to find the best federal criminal defense attorney in Colorado.

Answering Questions for the FBI Without an Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer Present

The immediate task of these federal investigators is often to compile information for their respective agency with an eye to forwarding the information to a representative of the Justice Department via the United States Attorney’s Office for the potential filing of a criminal prosecution. A nationally recognized federal criminal defense attorney based in Denver CO,  Attorney has worked with clients who have made the mistake of initially cooperating with the investigating agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Securities and Exchange Commission, and during the course of their cooperation, have unwittingly provided damaging information or evidence against themselves; and what they ultimately have learned is that the investigation may have commenced with their interview.

Hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney When Being Investigated by a Federal Agency

It is at these early stages of a federal criminal investigation by the IRS,  FBI, DEA,  that He can be of the greatest assistance. Based upon his experience and expertise, Attorney Attorney can provide legal counsel, thereby enabling his clients to make intelligent and informed decisions as to the appropriate level of cooperation they should or should not to provide to the government. On numerous occasions, He has accompanied his clients to the Offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission for the purpose of protecting his client’s constitutional rights.

Determining if it is a Criminal Investigation can be Difficult Without an Experienced Attorney

Often times a client is under the misapprehension that they are participating in a civil process as opposed to a criminal proceeding, where in reality, the federal government is building a criminal case against them through what the client views as an innocuous inquiry by a civil agency. It is extremely important to understand the civil and criminal implications of any statement or deposition given to the, FBI, SEC or other investigative agencies.

Denver Colorado Attorney experienced in FBI, SEC or DEA investigations

Hiring a good Colorado federal criminal defense attorney while being investigated will not only help protect you, it may prevent charges from even being filed against you. Call Attorney Attorney for a free consultation if you have been questioned or contacted by a government agency such as the FBI, SEC or the DEA.