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Felony Murder

Felony Murder

Denver Felony Murder Defense Attorney serving Colorado and the Entire U.S.

An offender may be charged with felony murder where an accidental killing occurs that was incidental to the intended offense. Often an accidental killing may result in a charge of manslaughter. However, in the situation where there is an unintended or accidental killing in proximity or related to the intended primary offense, what may normally have been viewed by the prosecution as a lesser offense such as manslaughter, may be escalated to the offense of first degree murder through use of the felony murder statute. Wherever you have been charged, a Denver criminal defense attorney can help you. Call today for a free consultation.

Felony Murder Offenses Vary By State

Varying states have differing felony murder qualifying offenses such as:

It is always important to know that regardless of what a party’s intentions were during the commission of certain offenses, if someone dies during the commission or attempted commission of a qualified felony, you MAY be charged with felony murder.

Possible Sentences for Felony Murder Throughout the United States

In most states, felony murders can subject a person to life in prison. Attorney is qualified and experienced in defending cases where individuals have been charged with felony murder throughout the United States. As a Felony Murder Defense Attorney, Attorney has obtained favorable outcomes for his clients and may be able to do the same for you. Call for a complimentary consultation with experienced Colorado felony murder defense attorney Attorney if you have been charged or may be charged with Felony Murder in Colorado or throughout the United States.