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International Drug trafficking Case | Case Study

International Drug trafficking Case | Case Study

If you are accused of a federal drug crime in Colorado, look for trial experience in a Denver federal defense attorney. The many years of courtroom trial experience have resulted in a high level of expertise that Mr. Marks brings to the representation of his clients. Mr. Marks defends his clients by using his exceptional ability to come to solutions that uniquely fit each case.

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We also handled a case, in Miami, that was a very large importation from Columbia case. This is a case probably 10 or 15 years ago. But the case had notoriety because the parties charged in the case were flying, by way of DC-3’s, 20-30 thousand pounds of marijuana into Central Florida, near Lake Okeechobee, I believe. They had actually purchased or leased land and built a landing strip. They were transporting the drugs, and they, at that time, were probably considered some of the largest drug transporters in the country.

That case was unique in the sense that they had hired a lawyer in Central Florida to assist them. That lawyer actually became a co-conspirator because he was involved in licensing the planes, doing other work for them. He was also a part-time judge that became in informant for the state. That was a major investigation throughout Florida. That case, ironically, resolved with almost all the parties absconding from the jurisdiction. Years later, I end up resolving the case for one of the parties that originally had left. We actually obtained a very favorable result.