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Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Stanley Marks Speaks About Ruiz Case

Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Stanley Marks Speaks About Ruiz Case

I represent an individual named Joe Ruiz who was charged in Jefferson County Colorado in 2012cr3005 with the following: Count one, Possession of Weapon by Pervious Offender (felony), Count two, Tampering with Physical Evidence (felony), Count three, Disorderly Conduct-discharging a Firearm Misdemeanor) Count four, Prohibited use of a Weapon-drunk with a gun, Count five, obstructing a Peace Officer (M) and Count 6, False Reporting (M).

This is the case that occurred on November 9, 2012 wherein a Lakewood Police Officer shot and killed another Officer in the line of duty (friendly fire). See attached news article appearing in the Denver Post. The deceased Officer was Lakewood Policeman James Davies.

Sentencing today occurred after, by stipulation I was able to get the two felony charges dropped. My client plead guilty to Counts 3-6 with no sentencing stipulation. The Court today, after a multi-hour sentencing hearing wherein the Chief of Police in Lakewood Colorado testified in the States effort to have imposed a 3.5 year jail sentence. The prosecutions argument was that the Defendant’s actions by discharging multiple handguns at his house in effect put in action the events that resulted in a fellow officer killing Officer Davies.

The Court, over the DA’s objection imposed a 90 day sentence and 3 years of probation. It is anticipated that the Defendant will serve about 50% of the county jail time.


You can also view the Denver Post’s coverage of this case.