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Assault Charges for Nightclub or Bar Fights

Assault Charges for Nightclub or Bar Fights

In this guest blog post from NYC federal criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr., we learn the consequences of engaging in fights at downtown nightclubs or bars.

When there is a fight in a nightclub, the instigators are usually arrested on the spot or immediately after being ejected from the building.  Typical charges for fighting in a bar or nightclub include assault in the third degree, harassment, and misdemeanor charges.

Unfortunately, hiring a criminal lawyer to defend an assault charge cannot prevent a civil case from being filed. If the other person chooses to sue you for assault, a criminal lawyer cannot stop that from happening. However, a criminal lawyer can lessen the impact that a conviction would have on your civil case.

For example, any testimony you give in criminal court can be used against you in the civil case. Having a criminal defense lawyer advising you on your court appearances can significantly reduce the damages the criminal case will have on the civil case.